Megurine Luka

I'm the Lukafag No. 2
On Tohno-chan I use the trip !Nf0s5yJL.k
You can contact me at lukafag2 (ato) fagott (doto) pw (gpg key)
On the IRC (join on
Or follow me on twitter @LukaFag2
Flame me, help me with my English or write what ever you want.
I can help you with your waifu page. I don't have a problem with spanding time to help other waifu bros.
I could even think of making a whole page for other waifu fags (without the content of cause).




When did you met her?
At the end of 25th September 2013.

Love on first sight?
I had a video of a Vocaloid concert opened in background when I suddenly heard her voice.
I liked it more than the other ones, so I decided to watch more Videos of her.

What is you're favorite song?
I don't have one. I love most of them.


Do you hate 3DPD?
I don't hate real women/girls, but I don't think I would be able to have normal girlfriend.
I'm not an autist that can't speak with women or anything like that.

Why is you're English so bad?
I'm not a native speaker.

Where are you from?
From glorious Germany.

Are you a Nazi?

How old are you?
I'm born in the early 1990s.


Where is the design from?
Selfmade. Hand coded with Kate.

I like your page, can I use your css/html?
Yes, you can use what you want.

Why did you remove some pages and content from your page?
Because I didn't like them anymore. I'll add some other stuff in the future.