Megurine Luka


Went to Japan this year. It was nice.


I got the domain.
I removed the link to because I think people don't need that and it's kinda strange when you visit the page from other places.


A post a year is enough? Nothing special happened.
I started to post in the Waifu Wednesday threads on /a/ again. I'm the trip fag, the other Lukabro is some one else.
There isn't much left to say, I only want to remind that Luka is the most beautiful woman and she will always be, no exception.
Also for the weebs this is post 七。


My last post was in 2014? I should make a new one.
I was thinking of some ways to improve my page, but I didn't have any god idea and I don't want to add a gallery.
I'm around on the on the 8/mai/ irc atm. I don't really like to post on image boards, that's why I'm on different irc channels and Servers atm.


I made a twitter account (@LukaFag2).
Maybe I'll blog less in the future.
I don't have much to say, maybe because I'm in IRC all day.

But there is one thing I need to say:
Luka will get an Update with Vocaloid V4!
Link: Luka V4X (offical page)


Blog post 四。
I'm not dead. I didn't forgot this page. I just don't know what content to add.